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The power of financial education – By Mwalimu SG Njenga

I have taken a keen interest in acquisition and dissemination of financial education. It is rather obvious that the biggest handicap to most people achieving financial freedom is lack of financial education. We have people all over who are keen to invest and start business but the truth of the matter is that 90% of the business started fail within the 1st 5 yrs of operation.

More often than not, we are quick to jump into opportunities without critically analyzing them. We thus end up missing the bigger picture.

We have a breed of people who believe that capital is the biggest handicap towards starting a business but they fail to realize that unless one is well armed with financial education, then it becomes extremely hard to succeed.

School and universities never teach financial education. The end product is very sharp minds in respective fields but graduates who don’t understand the basics of dealing with money, creating wealth and maintaining it. There exists a very big gap and the same must be addressed if we want to progress as a country and get out of the shackles of poverty and of course the middle class mentality.

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