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Common Area and Service Management

Common Areas and Services Management for Gated Estate Communities

There is a growing number of apartment blocks, town houses, and other gated estates that are owned corporately by different people. These properties are registered under the Sectional Properties Act, 1987 No. 21 of 1987 Laws of Kenya. Management of the shared areas and services in these estates is usually a problem in many neighbourhoods. Resident committees in these are composed of volunteers who may understandably not be able to handle the routine tasks of management over and above their personal endeavours. Yet the value of these estates is extricably tied to the management of the common areas.

Stalic Real Estate has developed systems to help resident committees take off the burden of service charge collection, accounting, budgeting, contracting services, repairs and maintenance, water meter reading and invoicing, arranging meetings, communications among other tasks. Most importantly we work with resident committees to boost cohesion, harmonize interests and strategic planning, maintenance of pleasant living environment. This boosts the value of the overall estate and individual properties as well, in addition to making it clean, calm and enjoyable place to call home. For investors, such focussed common area management increases the value of their investment.

A Unique Mission

We have identified ourselves as a management company that has great passion for gated communities. When it comes to common area management, ours is not just a duty but also a mission and a call pertinent to the company purpose of existence. We have been supporting estates communities to achieve their collective objective. We believe we are best choice when it comes to common area management based on the great interest and experience we have gained in this area. We understand the deep issues of management that are pertinent and unique to common interest property especially in the gated estates. We have partnered efficiently with gated communities organisations to deliver the dream of serene environment to the home owners in various part of Nairobi such  Westlands, Kilimani, Mombasa Road, Syokimau, Lang’ata, Ruaka, Kikuyu and many more.

Our Management Objectives for Gated Estates

  1. Ensure the estate functions appropriately and services and utility are smoothly and effectively provided and on time
  2. Ensure living environment is good and clean, garbage free and common area gardens are well manicured;
  3. Support the estate community to corporate and be cohesive;
  4. Support efficient communication within and without the community
  5. Promote the Fiscal policy of the estate – through timely collection of service charge, budgeting and disbursements, accounting and annual auditing;
  6. Create value of the estate through a maintenance program to ensure proper and timely inspections, insurance, development proposal and other value addition strategies.

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